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Padlocks from Bernard’s Security Access in Moncton

Bernard’s Security Access offers padlocks from the industry-leading brands of MasterLock®, Viro®, Crown Lock, LSDA and Guard®. These come in a variety of styles and functionalities, including:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • High-Security Applications
  • Long Shackle Styles
  • Weather-Proof Outdoor Styles
  • Keyed-Alike Padlocks
  • Keyed to Your Private Key
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Viro® Brass Padlocks

Viro® is a heavy-duty commercial padlock, perfect for outdoor use. Some of the VIRO®’s features include:
  • Solid Brass Casing
  • Copper, Nickel and Chromium Plating
  • All-Weather Corrosion Resistance
  • Tempered Steel Shackles (High Shear Resistance)
  • Pick-Resistant “Mushroom-Type” Drivers
  • Two Nickel-Plated Brass Keys

1.5″ Brass Padlock

  • Keyed Different (Part #: VIRO® 302-KD)
  • Keyed Alike Groups – Specify Group Number (Part #: VIRO® 302-KA)

2″ Brass Padlock

  • Keyed Different (Part #: VIRO® 303-KD)
  • Keyed Alike Groups – Specify Group Number (Part #: VIRO®303-KA)

Master® Weathertough Pro Series Padlocks

  • Removable Cylinder for Replacement & Repinning
  • Hardened Boron Alloy Shackles for Superior Cut Resistance
  • 5-Spool Pin Tumbler Cylinder for Added Pick Resistance
  • Dual Ball Bearing Locking Mechanism (Resists Pulling & Prying)

2″ Weather Tough Padlock

  • Keyed Different (Part #: Master 6121 KD)
  • Keyed Alike Groups – Specify Group Number (Part #: Master6121 KA)

2″ Weather Tough Padlock – Extended Shackle

  • Keyed Different (Part #: Master 6121 LJ KD)
  • Keyed Alike Groups – Specify Group Number (Part #: Master6121 LJ KA)

Medeco® Padlocks

Medeco® offers 3 types of padlocks: The System series, The Metro Series, and the Brass body padlock. The System series will key into most existing Medeco® master key systems. It is available with a shrouded shackle design or with thermoplastic weather guards for harsh environment applications and multiple shackle lengths. The Medeco® MetroLock padlock is a solid steel design padlock.

They are available in 3 body styles, all featuring hardened steel, chrome plated bodies and Medeco®’s pick and drill resistant double locking action. The Brass body padlock is available in two versions: the removable cylinder and the interchangeable core design. Both padlocks have a cylinder or core which is UL listed and virtually pick-proof and drill-proof. Both have hardened steel inserts for high-security protection. The padlock cases are constructed of brass with shackles of stainless steel for corrosion protection or hardened steel for protection against sawing.
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